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Beaufort Primary School, Kirkland Ave, Woking, GU21 3RG


Frequently asked questions

The Boppin classes are divided into age groups so you can see which one to join. The Boppin teachers will always look at the students on an individual basis and if they are progressing well and it is necessary to move up a group early then it will be discussed with the student and parent. All students are encouraged to progress at their own pace and often children who come to Boppin have danced before and may be more advanced for their years.

You need to wear a Boppin t-shirt (available through the teacher of your Boppin school) leggings/tracksuit trousers and trainers. Please do not wear skirts, jeans, flip flops, crocs or Ugg boots!

To get started all you need to pay is £14 so you can join in 2 trial classes to see if you like it. This is payable online prior to the day of your first class and is non-refundable. Once you decide you love Boppin, the classes are £7 per session payable on a termly basis and you will need to buy a Boppin T-shirt for uniform.

Some classes have waiting lists so it’s best to check beforehand with your local Boppin teacher. 

We process payments through BACS. Simply go to the Sign-up page, fill in your details and proceed to the bottom of the page for payment details. For mid-term purchases contact your Boppin teacher – details below.



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